Friday, June 8, 2007

About human life

My maternal grandmother died last Saturday. She looked after me for sometime after my birth. I saw photographs of her taking care of me. When I was small I used to visit her every Thursday evening with my mom, sometimes I used to spend the day with her during my holidays. There are thousands of such memory about her.

She was ill for couple of weeks and suffered a lot. Prior to her last sickness she would always tell me that "my time is nearing" and I used to reply her back "so is mine". I saw her is her final days as well she used talk to me and laugh despite her terrible pain and suffering. I can still hear her fearful voice whenever sisters' came to change the saline or came to give IV medicine.

Seeing her condition and conclusion of her life there are some questions in my mind. What is the value of our life? Why do we work so hard for our life on earth? What are we supposed to achieve in life? We strive for all our earthly feelings and belongings, but in our lifetime can we realize what we are supposed to achieve in this life time.

I am still searching for those answers; but my recent experiences have led me to a idea that, every life has a purpose and fulfillment or success of life depends on successfully determining that purpose and fulfilling it. It would be great to know others feeling.

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